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Thursday, March 3, 2022

Auxin Specific Applicator Training

The Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service will conduct a series of Auxin Trainings for producers in the Wharton County area from February – March 2022.  This special training that has been required annually for the past three years is for the new dicamba and 2,4-D  formulations applied on tolerant cotton and soybean crops.  The 1 hour training will educate applicators on the requirements and practices for keeping these auxin herbicides on-target, and will satisfy the updated auxin herbicide specific training requirements.

Again in 2022, dicamba technology herbicide applications will be limited to certified applicators only.

In contrast to the dicamba technology products, the Enlist products can be sold to and used by certified applicators or those working under the supervision of a certified applicator.

The training is not required for those using range and pasture labeled dicamba and/or 2,4-D products.  The Auxin Specific Herbicide training is an annual training.  Completion of the annual Auxin training is not required to purchase seed or chemistry, it is only required annually, prior to applying Engenia®, Xtendimax®, Fexapan®, Tavium®,EnlistOne® and/or EnlistDuo®  herbicides.


Each program will be one hour long and will provide one (1) Texas Department of Agriculture laws and regulations continuing education unit (CEU) and will meet the annual Auxin training requirement for 2022.  An applicator or operator must attend only one of these available trainings in 2020.  We recently reached 131 pesticide applicators at the Feed Grain and Cotton Conference with the required Auxin training, however, there will be more cotton and soybean producers who will need to complete this annual training.  Therefore, we’re providing these six trainings through March 23rd.  We’ll continue to provide these trainings through the growing season as needed .  A flyer for this series of Auxin Trainings can be found at https://wharton.agrilife.org  For any questions regarding the Auxin trainings, contact Corrie Bowen at 979-532-3310.


By Corrie Bowen
County Extension Agent
Wharton County